Repair Rite CC was founded in Johannesburg in 1991 when South Africa was in the threshold of sanctions and apartheid.

With diverse backgrounds, our Executive, Management and Staff give this company a flavour of different cultures.

As a team, the knowledge, skills and vast experience of 35 years in the industry has given rise to an operation that is capable of rendering nothing but "Service Par Excellence" within almost every facet of the Construction Equipment Industry.

We specialise in poker repairs and services. We so all pneumatic, mechanical and electrical pokers.




Our vision is to be a first class maintenance and supplier of construction equipment, in this ever increasing technologically advanced society of ours.



To provide superior service to our clients whilst maintaining profitability. Repair Rite affords their clients and staff equal opportunity across the board. We recognise the importance of Black Economic Empowerment, Employment Equity and will endeavour to rectify imbalances of the past. In keeping with our name, we undertake to give our clients the best possible service.


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